On September 19, according to our tradition, a few days before the autumnal equinox and the Iranian New Year, we will call priests, sorcerers, storytellers and sages from other worlds to open together the annual portal to the mysterious world of the East. Into a world that amazes with its interweaving of ancient beliefs and the latest technologies, a world that gave birth to more than one hundred spiritual practices, a world full of secrets, riddles, double meanings and sly grins.

On this day, not everyone will be able to pass through the portal: the space is extremely limited, and the stern Moroccan eunuch guards will not allow infidels who have rejected the requirements for attire. Stock up on starlight, open secret boxes, dust and moss off your kimono, sharpen katanas, polish cyber decks and prepare for a life-changing adventure. While preparation, remember: the world of the East stretches from the sands of ancient Arabia to the Japanese islands, includes a myriad of traditions and cultures, it can be both ancient and meditative, as well as modern and impetuous.
Buddha Bar Saint-Peterburg

The place where the Eastern wisdom and the Nordic fortitude of the city's inhabitants merge is already legendary –it is the place where broken Buddha, the god of thunder Raiden and the faithful samurai, the Heavenly Dragon Olezhka and shameless geisha-werewolves, followers of the furious Kali and the modest Pokemon Squirtle, seductive kitsune yakudzy will gather together, metrosexual genies and insidious efreet, Huli jing and rakshasas, a flaming phoenix and neuromancer hackers ...

Important: do not neglect recommended safety measures: stay at home if you feel sick or do not tolerate intergalactic flights. Bring masks, gloves and rubber caps, rub well with a sanitizer.
dress code
The East is not only a turban, harsh ronins, deserts, strange food (thanks, we will not forget bats for a long time), minarets, silk robes and Confucius quotes in Odnoklassniki. It is also the future, embodied in the present, technologies that seemed fantastic yesterday, universal chipization and computerization, strange social networks and old myths in a new way.

Get inspired by cyberpunk and Lagutenko's songs, grab ideas from the cult films Evangelion, Blade Runner, Spirited Away, Johnny Mnemonic, Ghost in the Shell, Howl's Moving Castle, Akira ... Do not hesitate add technology to the authenticity, and classic traditions into the future. Sparkle, pour in, shine, dive, rock out and flip through the carousel! Let's go East!
«We're creating a new musical event in Russia, dedicated to travels, art and freedom of realisation. It's founded in Saint-Petersburg, young but incredibly charismatic city with spirit of romanticism and adventures.»

Alexey Izotov
Art director, musician, producer, со-founder of the festival
E-mail: festivalodyssey@gmail.com