On October 31, from 17:00 to 23:00, at the mysterious palace we hosted "Cool Stuff" – the first daytime Odyssey!

* With already purchased tickets, it was possible to go either to the "Cool Stuff" or to the "Natasha's Ball in Space", which will definitely take place. We understand that the situation is non-standard and even if it happened through no fault of ours, we are ready to return the money for the purchased tickets (minus the operator's commission), but we sincerely hope that you will support us.
dress code
  • Palace attires, veils, tailcoats, grenadier headdresses and ball gowns, sparkling necklaces, tiaras, queen pendants and musketeer jackets;
  • Neon and glitter, all kinds of glitters, luminous masks, face chains, leather kokoshniks, steampansk glasses and mechanisms, iridescent silk and reflective fabrics.
  • Harnesses, iron corsets, massive jewelry. Industrial sexuality and sex at the end of empires;
  • Fantasy motives, heroes of legends and legends, oriental spirits and Slavic idols, natural materials and skins (artificial, please) of animals, magic crystals and love charms.
  • Do not be afraid to improvise - send your questions and examples of costumes to Direct, we will be happy to direct you on the right path and give you useless but cute advice
IMPORTANT: no devilry, negativity and abomination (this is enough for us this year and so in abundance): bloody bandages, ugly and frightening masks, heroes of slasher films, mucus and other hard-hitting secretions, scars and amputated limbs - we leave all this behind the door COOL PIECES. We stand for light, joy and universal love!
«We reveal the cultural layers of the countries and cities in which we arrive and create unique fantasy worlds, taking into account local history, culture and worldview. We are changing the concept of the festival, breathing soul and a little magic into it. When a person prepares for an event like a journey,
and crossing the threshold – it becomes part of the magic and atmosphere of the holiday.»

Alexey Izotov
Art director, musician, producer, со-founder of the festival
E-mail: festivalodyssey@gmail.com